Church Of Spies: The Pope’s Secret War
Mark Riebling, "Church Of Spies: The Pope's Secret War"
ISBN: 0465022294 | 2015 | EPUB/AZW | 384 pages | 664 KB/863 KB

Pope Pius XII is perhaps the most detested pope in modern history, vilified for allegedly appeasing Hitler and betraying the Jewish people by remaining silent during the Holocaust. But this conventional narrative is not the full story.

In Church of Spies, the intelligence expert Mark Riebling draws on a wealth of recently uncovered documents to argue that, far from being Hitler's lackey, Pius was an active anti-Nazi spymaster. He directed a vast network of Vatican operatives-priests and laypeople alike-who partnered with the German resistance, tipped the Allies off to Hitler's invasions of France and Russia, and involved themselves in three separate Descriptions to assassinate Hitler.

A fast-paced and gripping tale of secrecy, danger, and self-sacrifice, Church of Spies takes readers from hidden crypts beneath the Vatican to Nazi bunkers in Germany to chart the true legacy of Pius's secret war. Although these revelations do not excuse Pius's public silence during the war, they provide us with a deeper understanding of the man reviled by so many.

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Church Of Spies: The Pope’s Secret War
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