Really Bad Dad Jokes-P2P

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Bring out the groans with Really Bad Dad Jokes!

Do you enjoy making puns about the most random things you can think of? Do you enjoy inducing embarrassment and eye-rolling from your family? Do you often crack yourself up with your own jokes? Then Really Bad Dad Jokes is for you!

In this follow-up to Dad Jokes, you’ll find a multitude of the ultimate dad jokes, such as:

• If prisoners could take their own mug shots, would they be called cellfies?
• Dogs can’t operate MRI machines. . . but catscan!
• What did one plate say to the other? “Lunch is on me!”
• What does a martial arts expert drink? Kara-tea
• And many, many more!

With over 400 unbearably funny puns, quips, and one-liners, Really Bad Dad Jokes is your secret to mastering one of the most groanworthy arts of being a dad.

Really Bad Dad Jokes-P2P
English | May 28th, 2019 | ISBN: 1631585134 | 144 pages | EPUB | 7.02 MB

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Really Bad Dad Jokes-P2P
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