Methodology of History-P2P

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No discipline has been more praised or more criticized than the writing of history. Misunderstandings about historical methodology persist, and make it a difficult task to write history in the full consciousness of the research method being used. A fairly common view of historical methodology is that it comprises an ordered set of formulae which make it easier to solve complicated cases. The question of methods only arises in specific questions; particular methods are applied to particular cases and are considered important only in so far as they are directly “useful” to a specific research problem. Thus, direct interest in research methods on the part of historians (as reflected in various books) was for long confined to a sphere of problems, fixed in the 19th century and dominated by technical issues such as the criticism of sources.

This volume has emerged from accumulated reflections on the state of the science of history and on the real dangers which threaten that science.

The present book can be used to teach the methodology of history but was not primarily intended for that purpose. Its intent is to review the major problems of methodological research on historiography and to assess the major results obtained.

Methodology of History-P2P

Y. Topolski | 1976 | ISBN: 902770550X | English | 700 pages | PDF | 68.3 MB

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Methodology of History-P2P
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