#EXCLUSIVE: Not a REVAMP, it will be like Aapke Aa Jane Se 2, says Suhasi Dhami

A lot of shows have been newly launched or are in pipeline and a lot of shows are taking a leap and undergoing a revamp. Not very long ago we reported about Zee TV's popular show Ishq Subhan Allah taking a leap and undergoing a revamp, and now the latest, we hear, is that another popular Zee TV show Aapke Aa Jane Se is also set to join the revamp bandwagon.

Aapke Aa Jane Se featuring Suhasi Dhami and Karan Jotwani in lead roles revolves around a mature love story where a 24 year old Sahil (Karan) falls in love with 42 year old Vedika (Suhasi). The plot of the show is really good but it failed to earn good numbers at TRP charts.

The latest development regarding the show is that, makers are planning for a punar janam reboot track. According to sources, in the upcoming episodes, Kshitij will kill both Sahil and Vedika and declare that the lovers will never be together. However Sahil and Vedika will promise to meet each other in their next birth and complete their love story.

We contacted Suhasi regarding the latest development and she shared, "Yes the show is undergoing a reboot wherein only the lead characters will be the same, rest of the cast will get changed. All of this has happened very suddenly so we don't have enough information, but yes the story will be new and different this time. It will be like Aapke Aa Jane Se 2."

Are you excited about the upcoming reboot in the show? We wonder who will the makers rope in for the reboot story.

#EXCLUSIVE: Not a REVAMP, it will be like Aapke Aa Jane Se 2, says Suhasi Dhami
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