Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 v2.0.2 Multilingual-P2P

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P2P group has released an updated version of “Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 v2.0.2 Multilingual-P2P”.

Description: Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 creates, edits, merges and converts PDFs. Creating and editing is as simple as working with a Word document, with custom comments, layouts and images. Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 supports multiple popular formats (Microsoft Word, RTF, HTML, EPUB, JPEG etc.) for easy document exchange, e.g. with Microsoft Excel. Document images and colors are fully replaceable and customizable and the built-in find and replace feature supports both text and fonts. Merging multiple documents is a simple drag & drop operation and the ability to create portfolios or photo albums greatly facilitate working with multiple files. The integrated text recognition (OCR) instantly converts scanned text into computer-editable text. Word processing is highly versatile with support for wrapping text around objects, powerful spell checking and auto-hyphenation. Inserting, moving, cropping, masking and deleting individual images is also possible. Sensitive information can be blacked out and documents protected with AES encryption. With the included printer driver, PDFs can be created from virtually any Windows application. Version 2 adds the creation of interactive forms, a side-by-side view for easy document comparison and legally safe bates numbering to process both small and large document archives. In addition, colors are replaceable throughout documents and support for older PDF versions has been added to ensure greater compatibility across PDF applications.

Feature highlights:

Create and edit interactive forms

Compare two PDFs side by side

New snapshot function for perfect PDF screenshots

Edit open images in place with external image editor

Find and replace colors throughout documents

Legally valid Bates numbering

Split up PDFs into smaller documents with custom number of pages

Supports PDF 1.4 for backwards compatibility

New toolbar with the most recently used page operations

New auto-repair feature

Merge PDF documents into a single file

Drag and drop to merge PDF documents into a single file

Create PDF portfolios

Drag and drop images to create entire photo albums

Automatic text wrapping

Track document changes

Built-in spell checker

Use auto-hyphenation

Insert pages

Crop pages

Apply page numbering

Sort, delete and rotate pages

Use headers and footers

Apply watermarks

Crop/Mask embedded images

Find and replace fonts

Find and replace across documents

Search hyperlinks

Release Name: Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 v2.0.2 Multilingual-P2P
Size: 300 MB
Links: Homepage – NFO – NTi


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Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 v2.0.2 Multilingual-P2P
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