variable speed fluid coupler factory

Quick Details
• Structure: Gear
• Flexible or Rigid: Flexible
• Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
• Material: Aluminium
• Brand Name: JINTIAN
• Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
• Model Number: YOTGCD
• Input speed (
• Range of power transmitted (KW): 15-7150 KW
• Color: As you like
• Slip: 1.5-3 s%
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Wooden Case
Delivery Detail:7-15 Days
1.Protect the electrical machine
3.Low price and high efficiency
4.Mine safety certificate
To protect your motor and pump.
To save the electric for your company.
1.Operation Principle
The YOT series variable speed fluid couplings are operating in the following principle: The rotating part consists of two bladed wheels -a Pump Wheel and a Turbe Wheel, the space between them is partially filled with a working fluid (#32 Turbine oil in general).The pump Wheel is driven by motor, the rotating wheel brings the fluid into rotation and thus convert input mechanical energy into fluid energy, back to mechanical energy.The quantity of fluid in the variable speed coupling can be varied during operation by means of a scoop tube and thus it is possible to adjust the power output level to meet the requirement at any time. The speed of the driven machine can be infinitely varied. A small portion of power is lost during the transmission which could warm up the working fluid, a heat exchanger is equipped to cool down the fluid. The speed is controlled by an electric actuator which is connected with the signals of load change. A tachometer can installed for speed measurement upon customer's request. Depending on the application, the control of scoop tube can be either manual or automatic control.
(1) Good power saving at about 20-4a% when used with fans, pumps etc.
(2) Allow the motor to start at virtually no load, and then accelerate the driven machine at its maximum torque
(3) Synchronize multi-motor drive
(4) Dampens shocks and vibrations, minimize excessive torque on motor
(5) Allow remote control on speed of drive. Step less speed adjustment.
(6) Reduce noise, improve environment and prolong service life of machine.
(7) Low investment, high reliability.
(8) Simpie design, no mechanical wear, reliable even under most adverse environment
(1) Pumps: boilerfeed pumps, circulation pumps, cooling and condensation pumps, crudeoil pumps, pipeline pumps, ash pumps, piston pumps
(2) Fans: ventilation fans, induce draft fans, forced draft fans, blowers, compressors etc. Used in steel plants, power plants and cement plants.
(3) Others: Centrifugal machines, mixers, belt conveyors etc.variable speed fluid coupler factory

variable speed fluid coupler factory
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