Socially driven stories need to be told to the audience for betterment of the society: Aishwarya Kha

Even today, the society still delves in the past when it comes to inter-caste marriages. Highlighting the setbacks of this mentality, &TV’s Laal Ishq puts light on such a phenomenon by depicting the life of Kalyani and Pretika through the character of Maya, played by talented actress Aishwarya Khare. &TV, with Laal Ishq has been a leader in showcasing supernatural love stories with a romantic twist and taking this forward, it showcases a story deep-rooted in a certain stratum of society that is against inter-caste marriage.

Aishwarya, has performed exceptional roles like grey shade characters, a social activist and an out-an-out negative role in her previous stint on television. This time, the actress has taken a totally different route by entering the supernatural genre to depict issues that surround the concept of inter-caste marriages. Talking about the character Maya, Aishwarya shares, “Playing Maya was physically very challenging as it required me to stand still in scenes where the two heads of Kalyani and Pretika come out from my neck. This entire shooting experience was new to me and I am sure it will help in the future projects that I take up. The story is intriguing and revolves around a socially driven issue that needs to be dealt efficiently by the society and in return, save several lives in the rural parts of the country.”

As the episode will be seen taking the social route by showcasing it in the supernatural way Aishwarya shares, “Today, it has become a need to eradicate such a mindset from the society as it hampers the well-being of the people. It is of utmost importance to educate people and make them aware that taking someone’s life will not stop the issue as it will never yield into a positive outcome but in return, send out the wrong message. The society needs to take strong measures to educate the rural population as the issue still exists in those pockets. I urge each and every one to implement some kind of activities or measure that may help in the mission to change their perception and look at inter-cast marriages in a broader perspective.”

The upcoming episode of Laal Ishq will showcase the story of Pretika and Kalyani, a mother-daughter where Kalyani wants to marry a lower caste villager, but her mother is completely against her decision. In a bid to convince each other and notice that their efforts of convincing each other are going in vain they decide to take each other’s life. Due to Lallan, (a thief in the village) poor Maya enters the haunted haveli of Kalyani and Pretika. From here starts the journey of horror, drama and blood as we see Maya with three mundis in the show. Maya gets possessed with Kalyani and Pretika’s spirits and start a bloodshed massacre in the village.

It will be thrilling to watch Maya take the avatar of both Kalyani and Pretika in her with two parallel mundis on her neck. Amidst all this confusion lies genuine love for Ramanaresh aka Nikhil Pandey the groom who was supposed to get married to Kalyani but now in the present day is married and has kids. Will Kalyani be able to get back her love through Maya? Will Maya get saved and the mother-daughter duo attain peace by killing the villagers?

Socially driven stories need to be told to the audience for betterment of the society: Aishwarya Kha
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