Nightwish - Tales From The Elvenpath (Greatest Hits) (2004)

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Genre: Gothic metal, Symphonic metal
Format: MP3 - 320 kbps
Size: 160 MB
Time: 01:07:51 hrs


01. Wishmaster
02. Sacrament of wilderness
03. End of all hope
04. Bless the child
05. Sleeping sun
06. She is my sin
07. Walkin in the air
08. Stargazers
09. Over the hills and far away
10. The kinslayer
11. Dead boy's poem
12. Sleepwalker (bonus tracks)
13. Nightquest (bonus tracks)
14. Lagoon (bonus tracks)
15. Wayfarer (bonus tracks)

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Nightwish - Tales From The Elvenpath (Greatest Hits) (2004)
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