Post the EXIT of the LEADING stars, here are two NEW entries in 'Udaan'

With Vijayendra Kumeria and Vidhi Pandya exiting, new faces have been roped in...

Colors' long runner Udaan can certainly be qualified to be called the newsmaker of the week for sure. What began with Vidhi Pandya's exit continued with the shock of Vijayendra's exit later. This has been rather surprising for the fans to fathom but in the most cliched ways, as we call it, the show must go on.

There was also a section of news where it was being said that the show may go off-air. There is no confirmation on that and, in fact, the show will be enabling two new entries.

Yes! That's right. According to reports, Anurag Sharma and Aarti Singh are all set to make their entry in the show. As known, the story will be shifting focus to Anjor and the girl will be shown staying in a foster home. Anurag and Aarti will be playing a married couple and will be shown as the foster parents to Anjor.

Let us also remind you that the hunt to find Anjor also stays on. There is a chance that Parvarrish and Jiji Maa fame Bhavika Sharma may play the role but the same hasn't been confirmed yet.

What do you think about the new entries? Leave in your comments below...

Post the EXIT of the LEADING stars, here are two NEW entries in 'Udaan'
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