The Wines of Northern Spain by Sarah Jane Evans-P2P

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Over the last few decades Spain has become one of the most exciting wine-producing countries in the world. Indeed, such has been the growth in the number of producers that it is no longer possible to cover the whole country in one book. Although rightly famed for the wines of Rioja, the north of Spain has even more to offer the wine adventurer. Criss-crossed by rivers, its landscape ranges from the dramatic Pyrenees in the north-east to the low inlets of the Atlantic coast in the west. Growers – and consumers – can enjoy a diversity of terroirs and an exciting array of native varieties.

The Wines of Northern Spain: From Galicia to the Pyrenees and Rioja to the Basque Country (Classic Wine Library) by Sarah Jane Evans-P2P
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The Wines of Northern Spain by Sarah Jane Evans-P2P
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