Gaia’s Feasts by Julia Ponsonby-P2P

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Following the success of the previous edition of Gaia’s Kitchen, Julia Ponsonby presents yet more mouth-wateringly delicious vegetarian recipes for celebrations big and small, whether you want to rustle up Mushroom and Barley Soup for a community event, Chestnut and Leek Salad for a summer celebration, or a sumptuous array of cakes for a large family tea, you will find the inspiration and information you need in this book. The new third edition contains all new recipes, keeping within the theme of sustainable, vegetarian cooking and catering for small and large gatherings.

Gaia’s Feasts: New Vegetarian Recipes for Family and Community by Julia Ponsonby-P2P
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Gaia’s Feasts by Julia Ponsonby-P2P
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