Slow cooker Cookbook for beginners by Francesca Bonheur-P2P

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Make it fast, Cook it slow.
Are you looking for an easy way to lose weight; but you are exhausted from trying and never succeeding? Are you searching for a healthy cookbook that displays flavourful, succulent recipes; but you haven’t found a good one yet? Don’t give up and don’t lose hope because we are offering you this cookbook that will help you lose extra weight in a very short period of time.
“This Slow Cooker for beginners” is the first in a six part series that will accompany you in your challenge of losing as much weight as you can in less than two weeks. Wait no more and look no further because this slow cooker cookbook will feature very tasty and simple recipes. The use of slow cooker will help you cook tender meat and will make the cooking process easier for you.

Slow cooker Cookbook for beginners Quick and easy Recipes to lose weight and get into shape by Francesca Bonheur-P2P
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Slow cooker Cookbook for beginners by Francesca Bonheur-P2P
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