Omkara and Rudra call Shivaay their father in Ishqbaaaz!

The ongoing track of Ishqbaaaz is filled with a lot of drama and emotions. As we have seen, Shivaay has taken over the Oberoi business and is trying to bring Rudra and Omkara back on track. Meanwhile, Anika is trying everything possible to make Shivaay realize that she is his wife and requests Dadi to help her unite the Oberoi brothers again.

In the upcoming episodes Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra share a brotherly moment after a long time. The brothers forget their enmity and unite for Diwali. Rudra even apologizes for his mistake and evil deeds.

Omkara and Rudra consider Shivaay as their father. However, they are confused about Tej’s murder and why Shivaay took such a big step. Shivaay refuses to answer their questions.

Will Shivaay have a change of heart and become his old self after Omkara and Rudra calling him their father? Will he reveal the reason behind Tej’s murder?

Watch this space for more!

Omkara and Rudra call Shivaay their father in Ishqbaaaz!
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