Gaurav Bajaj's character to end in &TV's Siddhi Vinayak

And here's how it will go down...

&TV's Siddhi Vinayak will soon see a key character make an exit from the show.

The upcoming episodes will see some major drama post which Gaurav Bajaj's character Rudra will come to an end in the show.

And all this drama will take place during Ganpati Visarjan.

It will happen that Rudra will take out his gun to kill Vin. However, Siddhi will see Rudra take out is gun and rush to snatch and stop him from shooting Vin. And in the scuffle that will follow, the gun will fire and Rudra will be killed.

And with this, Gaurav Bajaj's character will come to an end.

Will you miss seeing Gaurav in the show?

Gaurav Bajaj's character to end in &TV's Siddhi Vinayak
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