DIY Kombucha by Katherine Green-P2P

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I can assure you of this: nothing tastes better than your homemade batch of kombucha.–From the Foreword by Rana Chang, Owner/Founder, House KombuchaGet your kombucha brew on! Fresh, fragrant, and fizzy, home brewed kombucha tea is not only easy to make, it is simply the best testing, healthiest kombucha you’ve yet to try. DIY Kombucha will take you steep-by-steep (and step-by-step) through the process of creating your own flavorful probiotic powerhouse.Here you’ll find:Clear info on how much kombucha to drink a day, the alcohol content in kombucha, why homebrewing isn’t dangerous, what to look for in (and where to buy) brewing equipment, and more All the fermented tea recipes you could ever want..

DIY kombucha : 60 nourishing homemade tonics for health and happiness by Katherine Green-P2P
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DIY Kombucha by Katherine Green-P2P
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