New entry in Star Bharat's Papa By Chance

Read on to find out who it is..

Full House Media production's Papa By Chance airs on Star Bharat. It is a show about a young, rich and spoilt brat Yuvan (Zebby Singh) who accidentally kills a couple and in order to repent he decides to become the custodian for their children.

The concept of the show is different and unique.

We hear that soon, there's going to be a new entry in the show!

Actress Ashmita Jaggi, who has done roles in shows like Hum Paanch Phir Se and Swim Team to name a few will be seen in the show soon.

According to reports, Ashmita will be playing Yuvan's ex girlfriend Naina in the show, who will be the welfare officer and come to check whether he's taking good care of the children or not.

Interesting, isn't it?

Ashmita Jaggi was also one of the contestants of India's Next Top Model Season 2.

New entry in Star Bharat's Papa By Chance
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