Devops with Kubernetes by Stephen Fleming-P2P

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As the industry is moving towards maximum digitization there is the consensus that DevOps practices help you deliver software fast reliable reliably, and with fewer errors. You may be a consultant, Advisor, Project Manager or a novice into IT industry; after going through this guide you would be able to appreciate DevOps, Microservices and other related concepts like Kanban, Scrum, Agile, SOA, Monolith Architecture, DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes etc. You would also get to know about the leaders in DevOps and Kubernetes adoption and the impact it had on the overall agility and hyper-growth of the adopters. This book covers the complete lifecycle for your understanding like: Integrating, Testing, Deploying DevOps and Kubernetes and the Security concerns while deploying it. I am confident that after going through the book you would be able to navigate the discussion with any stakeholder and take your agenda ahead as per your role. Additionally, if you are new to the industry, and looking for an application development job, this book will help you to prepare with all the relevant information and understanding of the topic.

Devops with Kubernetes: Non-Programmer’s Handbook by Stephen Fleming-P2P
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Devops with Kubernetes by Stephen Fleming-P2P
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