How to Build a Great Home Workshop-P2P

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One type of workshop may not suit every woodworker—after all, a turner has different needs than a furniture maker—but one guide is just right for telling every woodworker how to set up the perfect shop. Wood® Magazine provides ideal standards for work flow, machine space, electric power, lighting, ventilation, dust control, and other factors. More than 250 well-illustrated pages present advice on choosing the right space, checking for adequate electricity, customizing a room, heating systems, security in the shop, noise protection, and eyewear options. Plus, there’s coverage of workbenches, from drop-lead to full service; stools, stands, and supports; shop cabinet craftsmanship; special storage needs; and easy racks, holders, and organizers. A Selection of the F & W Book Club.

How to Build a Great Home Workshop-P2P
Editors of Wood Magazine | 2007 | ISBN: 1402711778 | 288 pages | PDF | 61.7 MB

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How to Build a Great Home Workshop-P2P
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