Transmission Samples - Flexi Step (WAV)

Transmission Samples - Flexi Step (WAV)

Transmission Samples - Flexi Step (WAV) | 3.84 GB

A hugely versatile collection of Dubstep sounds from Live Horns, to sickening screams.
FlexiStep is here to merit the ever evolving genre of dubstep, If your looking to create something new and exciting but also want access to some essential wobbles and growls!
Then this is the product for you!!!
� Over 3.8 Gigs of samples formatted to 24bit 44.1khz Wav
� Over 700 loops, inlucing 16bar + phases and construction kits at 110BPM, 135BPM 140BPM, 170BPM and 175BP
� Live Sax and Trumpet recording hits and phrases
� Over 400 single hits including tuned kick drums for a precise production
� 24Bit WAV files are compatible with all major DAWs and Samplers.
� If you are unsure please check the manual of your DAW or sampler; otherwise we are happy to
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Transmission Samples - Flexi Step (WAV)
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