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Windows 10 Manager - a set of utilities for Windows 10, with which you can kill the system once and for all. No, but what? I do not like optimizers and other similar software. They do not optimize anything and do not speed up, these are all fairy tales for little children and close adults. If you want speed, buy hardware (CPU, SSD, RAM), and to hope that the program will speed up the computer magically is silly. The harsh truth, as it is, I'm sorry. Nevertheless, Windows 10 Manager also contains useful functions in the form of a tweaker (again, configure only what you understand), the startup manager, flexible scheduler and others, which you can familiarize with in the screenshots. I note that I do not strongly recommend using the system cleaning function. In general, be careful, I warned.

General information:

Type: installation, unpacking portable [PortableWares]
Languages: Russian, english, multilanguage
Activation: AMPED
Advanced: import Settings.reg

Command line parameters:

Silent installation: / S / I
Unpacking portable: / S / P
Do not create shortcuts on Desktop: / ND
Do not create shortcuts in the Start menu: / NS
Select the installation location: / D = PATH

The / D = PATH parameter should be specified as the latest
For example: Windows.10.Manager.v2.0.8.exe / S / I / D = C: \ MyProgram

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 10 32-bit Windows 10 64-bit

What's new: the official website

04/23/2018: Windows 10 Manager v2.2.7 released.
Perfect some functions.
Perfect the Network Monitor.
Add some tweaks.
Fixs the bugs.
Perfect code.

04/04/2018: Windows 10 Manager v2.2.6 released.
Perfect some functions.
Add the Network Monitor.
Perfect Hidden Device Manager.
Fix bugs.

03/15/2018: Windows 10 Manager v2.2.5 released.
Perfect some functions.
Add some information in System Information.
Fix the New in Context Menu.




Windows 10 Manager Repack KpoJIuK
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