BDM’s The Windows 10 Seniors Manual-P2P

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Everything you need to help make Windows 10 work for you. The first version of Microsoft Windows was released over thirty-two years ago and since then has become the world’s most popular and used operating system. While there may have been bumps along this road to success, Windows has evolved to cater for the rise of the Internet, more powerful hardware, instantaneous communications and the more recent ground-breaking technologies such as 3D printing and Virtual Reality. The culmination of all this advancement is Windows 10. With BDM’s Windows 10 Seniors Manual, we aim to help you advance your knowledge of Microsoft’s latest operating system. You can learn how to personalise it, update it, fix it and use some of the best apps available. Discover how to keep Windows 10 and your personal data safe and free from viruses, while still maintaining your privacy. Our expert guides and tutorials will enhance your computing skills and build your confidence, as you master Windows 10.

BDM’s The Windows 10 Seniors Manual-P2P
English | 164 pages | True PDF | 111.9 MB

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BDM’s The Windows 10 Seniors Manual-P2P
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