This Zindagi Ki Mehek actress has QUIT the show!

She will be stepping down from her role on the show...

Zindagi Ki Mehek has seen a bunch of ups and downs, the most recent being the news of Karan Vohra leaving the show hitting the news just to be pulled back since the actor retained his role post the massive leap. Looks like the show has more than just the post leap drama and fans will have to deal with yet another change. The show's parallel lead has decided to move out of the show.

Shiny Dixit has quit the show to move ahead on to new ventures. The actress who plays the role of Nehal Sharma has been a great addition to the show and her character has switched effortlessly between positive and negative. Shiny has also always been close to Mehek aka Samiksha Jaiswal and has enjoyed a great rapport off screen. Their sister pair has been loved by fans all over. However, fans needn't despair as the actress will be on the lookout for new roles.

The Zee TV show's cast and crew will surely miss the actress and so will ardent fans. Tell us about your opinions on this new development in the comments below.

This Zindagi Ki Mehek actress has QUIT the show!
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