Zoya to be in MAJOR trouble because of Aditya; Mahi to SURPRISINGLY help her in 'Bepannaah'

Just how will she deal with it..

Colors' Bepannaah has crazy bit of drama locked in and set for the viewers, where Aditya (Harshad Chopda) and Zoya (Jennifer Winget) continue to face major hurdles in order to salvage their company, which includes the mangalsutra drama you saw in the precap.

If you are wondering as to did Aditya put on the mangalsutra on Zoya on the urging of the Viranis; yes! That is going to happen. A shattered and disturbed Zoya will somehow deal with it and go back home only to face more problems as her mother-in-law would come in and she will have to hide the mangalsutra.

But, that's not it for Zoya. Coming to the work front, Zoya will be in major trouble due to Aditya backing out from the presentation last minute. She will however conduct the presentation, but be surprised by the client's demand of organizing a cricket event.

Zoya, later on with Mahi, would confess that she doesn't know a thing about cricket and she has no idea what to do about it. Mahi, would surprisingly offer help, but actually, that is not so surprising after all as her motto continues to be of wooing over Aditya.

If you are wondering why is Aditya doing this to her afterall. It's pretty clear. He isn't doing this on purpose to put Zoya in trouble, but only to get a reaction out of her, because when she is depressed she is not herself at all. So, the moment she reacts and the duo have a confrontation with some fun and madness, Aditya knows Zoya is being Zoya.

Amidst all the fake marriage drama, this parallel drama in itself is enough to keep you hooked, isn't it!

Zoya to be in MAJOR trouble because of Aditya; Mahi to SURPRISINGLY help her in 'Bepannaah'
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