WOAH! Vivaan to make his RE-ENTRY into Suraj-Chakor-Imli's lives!

And here's how the actor will be seen entering Colors' Udaan.

Here is some good news for all the fans of Colors' Udaan. Actor Paras Arora who played the role of Vivaan in the show, will soon be seen making his re-entry into the lives of Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria), Chakor (Meera Deosthale) and Imli (Vidhi Pandya).

And here's how he will be doing it.

Vivaan would be seen kidnapped and confined to an old hut in a deserted part of the village (as shown in the earlier few episodes). And after all these years, Vivaan will be left by his captors and will soon return back to normal life.

Paras was quoted in Bombay Times as saying that while he had quit the show earlier because of creative dissatisfaction and that he had parted ways with the makers on mutual terms, he was happy to get back to the show with a more powerful character.

We contacted Paras who told us, "My track was left open ended. So when I got the offer, I took it up. Vivaan will portray more layers this time and I am looking forward to that part as it will be a very tricky character to play."

The makers have been showing glimpses of Vivaan's character in the past few episodes. The actor will now return in a very different avatar with long nails and overgrown beard and hair. Speaking to the daily, Paras revealed that he takes almost 2 hours for him to get ready for his character.

Paras' full fledged entry will be seen in the show from Tuesday.

WOAH! Vivaan to make his RE-ENTRY into Suraj-Chakor-Imli's lives!
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