Ayaz Ahmad Fights Actual Wrestlers in Agniphera

Actor Ayyaz Ahmad has a special sequence coming up in Agniphera which requires him to wrestle and yes we hear that the actor actually shot the scenes with real wrestlers! Ayyaz reveals, "This was a sequence where Shrishty (Simaran Kaur) and her family is looking for the most apt and powerful professional wrestler to be Shrishty's bodyguard. Her life is danger and there is a severe threat. I was required to do desi wrestling with real wrestlers. Some of the moves and stunts were very difficult to perform as they require years and years of practice."

In fact, the actor who insisted on not using a body double for any sequence says, "I have never used any body double in the past for any of my action sequences and declined this time as well."

Television doesn't require men to do many action scenes and Ayyaz has been one of the lucky few who has a show that requires him to continue doing action. "I have done a lot of action sequences in my previous shows as well and since I have background in karate, I'm quite comfortable doing fight scenes," he says.

Before signing off the actor tells us that he's thrilled with the response he's getting for the show and further says "I have been getting a very positive response from the makers, channel and also from the audience who are viewing the show."

Ayaz Ahmad Fights Actual Wrestlers in Agniphera
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