Zee TV's Kaleerein attempts at BREAKING wedding conventions!

Here's what we know about the upcoming show...

Zee TV's Kaleerein starring Arjit Taneja and Aditi Sharma is touted to be a revealing look into wedding conventions. Set in a traditional backdrop where the girl must groom herself in order to land a groom (preferably an NRI), the story will revolve around Meera. The makers have a rather interesting strategy in mind to put forth progressive content on TV.

Producer Nikhil Sinha commented on the uniqueness of the show as he says, "The show has the philosophy of women empowerment. This story is different because it is related to day-to-day life. Grooming schools that are mushrooming all over Punjab is an untouched subject and TV hasn't breached upon sensitive subjects like the turmoil women go through."

The crux of the show, however, demands that the girl ultimately must desire the approval of the man and marriage is still on the agenda. While the show promises to do away with oppressive conventions, it certainly doesn't plan on deviating completely from marriage. This has us wondering if it truly is a departure from tradition.

The producer has a #changehernot campaign that again, has women empowerment at its core. He stated "Bahus aren't cloth that can be cut-up and tailor-made to suit society. Parents have a way of casually asking their kids to do things before marriage since the bond of marriage comes with inevitable constraints. We glorify women as goddesses and then we reduce them to positions of vulnerability and that's unfortunate." Nikhil is very clear that the show isn't seeking to bring about a revolution, it instead aims to scatter seeds of fresh thought amongst viewers.

Well, we hope that the show achieves success in bringing about a change in people's mindset.

Zee TV's Kaleerein attempts at BREAKING wedding conventions!
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