Indian Vegetarian Cooking by Uma Viswanathan-P2P

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India has an infinite variety of cuisines that vary from place to place. The people of the north and west are mainly wheat eaters, while rice is the staple food in the south and east. Different oils are used in different regions; coconut oil and sesame oil in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, safflower and sesame oil in Andhra, peanut oil in Gujarat and Maharashtra, mustard oil in Punjab and all the eastern states. The combination of spices often defines the cuisine of the region.

The Essence of Indian Vegetarian Cooking: A Comprehensive Book of 400+ Indian Recipes by Uma Viswanathan-P2P
English | ePUB/AZW3 | Food & Drink | ISBN/ASIN:  B01BADSBDS | 2.6 MB

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Indian Vegetarian Cooking by Uma Viswanathan-P2P
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