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Gladiator School

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Genre: Simulation
Format: .iso
Sprache/n (Audio): English
Sprache/n (Text): English
Infos: Steam
Trailer: Youtube

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Gladiator School is a deep management simulation game with hand drawn, humorous characters and environments.You've inherited a plot of land and decided to build your own gladiator school. Now you must recruit fighters and command them to train hard. Every decision will matter. What weapons should they use? What skills should they learn? It is your job to prepare them as best as you can before you send them away to fight for their survival and entertain the crowd in the arena. Keep a close eye on your gladiators, make sure they are well fed, loyal and that they get some recreational time outside the gym or they might become very angry and rise up against their master. Your goal is clear, make your gladiators famous in the arena to earn as much coin as possible. Make the crowd go wild...FEATURES Build and manage your own school for gladiators Acquire slaves and prepare them for spectacles in the arena Manage your gladiators mood, needs, practice schedule and treat their wounds Choose between a variety of weapons, skills and special attacks Create your own weapon style and choose your way of training Reward and promote your gladiators for their loyalty to their dominus Hire staff and specialists to improve your school Send your gladiators to perform contract work in the mines or at the docks Deliver inspiring speeches or throw a party for your gladiators Compete with other gladiator schools and climb the ranks in the league Feed cake to your gladiators!! There is cake in the game!? Including meaningful permadeath option for harder difficulty

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Gladiator School (c) Raptor Claw Games

Release 11th December, 2017

Protection: Steam

Game Size: 1 DISC

Game Type: Indie, Simulation, Strategy


Gladiator School is a deep management simulation game with hand drawn,
humorous characters and environments.


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[Simulation] Gladiator School - HI2U
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