[Country] Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper - Big Midnight Special (4CD Box 2007)

Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper - Big Midnight Special (4CD Box 2007)

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1-1 The Little Rosewood Casket
1-2 What Will I Do
1-3 Two Little Orphans
1-4 Wicked Path Of Sin
1-5 This World Can't Stand Long
1-6 Tramp On The Street
1-7 Matthew Twenty-Four
1-8 My Dreamboat Is Drifting
1-9 Girl In The Blue Velvet Band
1-10 What Good Will It Do
1-11 Blue Mountain Girl
1-12 I Love No One But You
1-13 Willie Roy (The Crippled Boy)
1-14 Thirty Pieces Of Silver
1-15 What's The Matter With This World
1-16 Moonlight On West Virginia
1-17 No One Now
1-18 He Will Save Your Soul (From The Burning Fire)
1-19 I Dreamed About 'Mom Last Night
1-20 On The Banks Of The River
1-21 I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
1-22 The White Rose
1-23 The Legend Of The Dogwood Tree
1-24 The Message Came Special
1-25 Faded Love
1-26 The Golden Rocket
1-27 Mother's Prayer
1-28 The Ghost Train

2-1 I'm Taking My Audition (To Sing Up In The Sky)
2-2 Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill
2-3 All On Account Of You
2-4 Stoney (Are You Mad At Your Gal)
2-5 The West Virginia Polka
2-6 Sunny Side Of The Mountain
2-7 You Tried To Ruin My Name
2-8 Have Mercy On Me
2-9 I Cried Again
2-10 The Clinch Mountain Waltz
2-11 My Lord's Gonna Shake My Hand
2-12 Will The Lord Let You In
2-13 Idle Gossip, Idle Words
2-14 Don't Play That Song (On The Jukebox Tonight)
2-15 What Can I Say
2-16 You Belong To Someone Else
2-17 Are You Walking And A-Talking For The Lord
2-18 You Can't Take It With You (When You Go)
2-19 You Can't Feel The Way I Do
2-20 Brand New Baby
2-21 Bamboozled
2-22 Can You Forget
2-23 Each Season Changes You
2-24 Just For A While
2-25 How It Hurts To Cry Alone
2-26 Please Help Me Be Wrong
2-27 We Make A Lovely Couple (You And I)
2-28 Not Anymore
2-29 Far Beyond The Starry Sky
2-30 I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven
2-31 The West Virginia Polka (Advert)

3-1 I Want To Be Loved
3-2 This Crazy, Crazy World
3-3 Row Number Two, Seat Number Three
3-4 I've Been Cheated Too
3-5 It's Just As Well
3-6 I'm Not The Girl
3-7 This Thing Called Man
3-8 Loving You
3-9 X Marks The Spot
3-10 The Tramp On The Street
3-11 My Heart Keeps Crying
3-12 He Thaught Them How
3-13 Diamond Joe
3-14 I Tell My Heart
3-15 Come Walk With Me
3-16 Is It Right
3-17 Big Midnight Special
3-18 Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill
3-19 The Canadian Reel
3-20 Home Sweet Home
3-21 Heartbreak Street
3-22 There's A Big Wheel
3-23 Rachel's Guitar
3-24 Night After Night
3-25 Johnny My Love (Grandma's Diary)
3-26 More Love
3-27 This Old House
3-28 Train, You Took My Baby
3-29 Heartaches Don't Lie
3-30 I Gotta Laugh (To Keep From Crying)
3-31 Wreck On The Highway
3-32 Trouble Ahead
3-33 The Mighty Battle Cry

4-1 Doin' My Time
4-2 Have Faith In Me
4-3 Matthew Twenty-Four
4-4 Six More Miles
4-5 Teardrops Falling In The Snow
4-6 I'm Reading Your Letter Again
4-7 When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels
4-8 Singing Waterfall
4-9 Thirty Pieces Of Silver
4-10 At The First Fall Of Snow
4-11 Philadelphia Lawyer
4-12 On The Evening Train
4-13 Help Me Understand
4-14 The Legend Of The Dogwood Tree
4-15 Every Hour And Every Day
4-16 Satisfied
4-17 There's A Higher Power
4-18 Keep Your Eyes On Jesus
4-19 Family Bible
4-20 The Black Sheep Returned To The Fold
4-21 The Way Worn Traveler
4-22 Glory Land March
4-23 Wandering Soul
4-24 This World Can't Stand Long
4-25 When My Time Comes To Go
4-26 The Story Of The Three Nails
4-27 I Couldn't Care Less
4-28 Big John's Wife
4-29 This Train
4-30 Pirate King



[Country] Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper - Big Midnight Special (4CD Box 2007)
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