BMC DEMOLISHES the sets of 'Prithvi Vallabh'

Here is what happened.

The upcoming show on Sony TV, Prithvi Vallabh already garnered a lot of attention for its grand teaser and the grander sets.

The acclaimed writer, Anirudh Pathak, who has written many popular hit TV shows such as Mahadev, Siya Ke Ram, Mahakumbh and others is producing the show under his banner, titled Writers Galaxy Studio.

Reports suggest that the makers are in a legal scoop owing to construction on some illegal land.

Recently, BMC demolished the sets of the show on Mira Road due to the illegal land which was kept in dark. The makers are now trying to sort the matter.

Currently, the shooting of the show has resumed on the two other sets located in Naigaon.

All we can now hope is that things resume back to normal soon and peacefully.

BMC DEMOLISHES the sets of 'Prithvi Vallabh'
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