[HipHop] Schwinn & T-Mor - Elements Of Change (1992)

Genre: Hip Hop
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Time: 00:38:32
Size: 90 MB

"Unreleased Hip-Hop from 1992"


01. Echo
02. Whut Iff???
03. No Farther West
04. Gettin' Funky Ain't The Point
05. Mr. Aids
06. To The Sleepers
07. Metamorphosis
08. Get The Monkey Off Your Back
09. Poetical Playground
10. Another Hold Up
11. I Got The Energy (Live @ DNA)
12. Echo (Instrumental)



[HipHop] Schwinn & T-Mor - Elements Of Change (1992)
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