[Rap] Eska & Kritter - Involution (2017)

Eska & Kritter - Involution (2017)

Country: France
Genre: Rap / Hip-Hop
Quality: Mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 82 Mb
Hoster: Turbobit.net
Password Relink.to: 777


01. Intro. Involution Feat. Ena N
02. Le Caroussel Feat. Jee Van Cleef
03. Golden Teacher Feat. Joly & A Littler Rooster
04. Gardner Feat. Ena N
05. Interlude.Conflit Feat. Chilea's
06. Buick Regal Feat. Shaz Beats
07. Gens Pas Gen-Ar Feat. Oner
08. Mortemer Feat. Loopsnatchers
09. Yampara Feat. Mefisto D'enfer
10. Outro Sommet Feat. Oner


[Rap] Eska & Kritter - Involution (2017)
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