Truefire - Jump Start - Acoustic Guitar

Truefire - Jump Start Rock Guitar
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Genre: Video Training

Jump Start Rock starts you off with a series of video lessons showing you how to tune up, hold the pick and position your hands. In your very first practice session, you'll learn your first rock riff and immediately start jamming along with the instructor in a playalong lesson with a practice rhythm track. Over the next series of lessons, you'll continue to learn new riffs and practice them in more playalongs with rhythm tracks. Next up, you'll learn rock's most useful chord-the "power chord" and how to play it all over the fretboard. Then you'll get a grip on the five most useful chords in popular rock music; the E, A, D, C and G chords. Finally, you'll learn the blues-rock scale that everyone uses to solo and improvise with (and we mean EVERYONE from Hendrix to Van Halen to Stevie Ray Vaughn!). Get A handle on These Guitar lessons and you'll know enough to be Dangerous - and That's A good thing! TrueFire's video Interactive Software Accelerates the learning Process with Handy controls like Zooming, looping, tab, Notation, Power Tab Files, Integrated tuner, metronome, rhythm tracks and direct links to the TrueFire forum and Support

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Truefire - Jump Start - Acoustic Guitar
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