Slide for Reddit v5.1.6 (Pro) Android-P2P

This article has been published at - visit our site for full content. version of “Slide for Reddit” APK for Android.

Description: Slide for Reddit is a fluid, material-designed unofficial browser for Reddit. Slide is ad-free, open sourced under GPL 3, and is packed with many unique features!

Features:, Imgur (albums, gifs, and images), and Gyfcat support.

Full mod tools support including flairs, reports, approval, and stickying.

Edit and create multireddits.

Keep track of subs without subscribing.

Add collections of subs (like private multireddits)

Inline comment support.

Upload images to comments, private messages, submissions, and replies.

Discover browser for finding new subreddits.

Open certain domains externally.

Full submission fi.

Synccit integration.

Ponymotes integration.

FULL markdown support including inline tables and code.

Subreddit color api integration.

Supports over 400 embedded content sites.

Data saving mode for those on low data plans.

Mark submissions as read on scroll.

Configurable multicolumn (pro)

Hundreds of settings, configure Slide just how you want it!

What’s New: (Updated: Apr 9, 2016)

Moderation shows up in the sidebar every time now.

Button to view comment context in the comment overflow menu.

Can override NSFW settings and view a NSFW sub directly (like the “continue” button)

Support for images.

Fixed random crashes while scrolling.

New subreddit sidebar design.

Tweaked theme colors a bit for readability.

Shadowbox improvements.

Lots of other bug fixes and improvements!

Release Name: Slide.for.Reddit.v5.1.6.(Pro).Android-P2P
Requires Android: 4.2 and up.
Size: 9.1 Mb
Links: Google Play


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Slide for Reddit v5.1.6 (Pro) Android-P2P
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