ArchiCAD 18 Build 5100 + ArchiSuite,Cadimage,Goodies *Fixed CRACK* (03/05/15)

ArchiCAD 18 Build 5100 + ArchiSuite,Cadimage,Goodies *Fixed CRACK* (03/05/15)

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ArchiCAD 18 Build 5100 + ArchiSuite,Cadimage,Goodies *Fixed CRACK* | 4.68 GB

ArchiCAD - a powerful simulation application that allows architects to design buildings more effectively using the technology of Virtual Building.

ArchiCAD allows architects to concentrate on designing, carrying out this work independently or in a team, while sharing data with consultants and experts in other fields. In ArchiCAD, you will see created 3D-model of a building, on the basis that automatically generates all the necessary documents and images. The project takes on life and develops on the screen simultaneously with the work of your mind, you can focus on creativity. Building Information Modeling is the most natural and intuitive approach to design, and thanks to the clarity of 3D-representation of projects, customers will be impressed with your creativity.

List of Additions: ArchiSuite, Cadimage, 3D Studio In, Accessories, Check Duplicates, simulation design, the interior Master, Intersections in combinations of layers, roofs 3D-mesh, polygon count, profiler, system colors RAL, Cinema 4D (INT), MEP Modeler , ArchiGlazing (FRA), Library of plastic windows (EPTAR Library).

System requirements:
Recommended operating systems
Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Windows 8 (64-bit)
Windows 7 (64-bit)
Previous versions of operating systems
Windows Vista is not supported (it is impossible to install ArchiCAD)
Windows XP is not supported (it is impossible to install ArchiCAD)
Recommended hardware

Processor: 64-bit processor with 4 cores or more (for example, Intel Core i5 / i7)
Memory: It is recommended to use an 8 GB or more. To work with complex models may require 16 GB or more.
HDD: To install ArchiCAD requires 5 GB of free disk space. Additionally requires 10 GB or more of disk space for each project.
Video: We recommend the use of video cards that support OpenGL 2.0 mode with video memory of 1024 MB or more.

Monitor: We recommend using the monitor supports a resolution of 1440x900 or higher.
Minimum hardware
64-bit processor with 2 cores
4 GB of RAM
5 GB of free disk space for installation
graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.0
Monitor that supports a resolution of 1024 ? 768



ArchiCAD 18 Build 5100 + ArchiSuite,Cadimage,Goodies *Fixed CRACK* (03/05/15)
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