[MULTI] Insomnia: The Ark (2018) CODEX

Insomnia: The Ark (2018) | PC | CODEX |Size: 10.61 GB
Year of release : 2018
Genre : RPG , Action , 3rd the Person
Developer : Mono Studio
Publisher : HeroCraft
Platform : PC
Publication Type : License
Language : Russian, English
Sound language : -
Medicine : Present {CODEX}

NSOMNIA is a gloomy post-apocalyptic RPG, the action of which unfolds on a huge space station. Here, your rivals will be not only people, but also aggressive creatures, hunger, thirst and Somnias - little-studied mental illness.

The story begins at Object 6, a giant space station that has been moving to a new haven for humanity for more than 400 years. Waking up after cryogenic sleep, the protagonist tries to join the rigid system, where everything is predetermined, and unravel the mystery of the mythical Evacuation Point.

Features :
Learn the dark tunnels of remote sectors - Object 6 lives its own life and reluctantly shares ancient secrets. More than 70 worked up to the nuances of locations contain both unexpected quests and deadly traps, and an unfriendly environment, injuries and hunger will become your constant companions.
Forget the standard character classes and endless grind. The perks system is combined with the crafting of weapons, creating a unique experience for each player. Choose your equipment wisely - each type of armor and weapons have both advantages and disadvantages that can change the outcome of the battle.
Before you develop a cunningly non-linear story - a non-obvious action can change the perception of the whole plot, and the tasks have several endings. Skills and biography of the character affect the available options for passing quests, which can lead to unexpected consequences.
Immerse yourself in a noir aesthetic and become a witness to the decline of the human race. Deep ambient will merge with the echoes of the ancient broadcasts, which still continue to sound in the dark tunnels of the cosmic metropolis.

Mount the image using disk emulators.
Install the game by following the instructions of the installation program.
Copy the contents of the CODEX folder (on the image) to the folder with the game installed.

System Requirements:
OS : Windows 7, 8, 10 (x64)
Processor : 2.5 GHz CPU, 4 cores
RAM : 8 GB of RAM
Graphics Card : Geforce 760, AMD Radeon R7 360
DirectX : Version 10
Disk space : 12 GB


[MULTI] Insomnia: The Ark (2018) CODEX
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