[MULTI] No Man's Sky [v 1.5 + DLC] (2016) GOG

No Man's Sky [v 1.5 + DLC] (2016) PC | GOG Size:9.75 GB
Release date: August 12, 2016
Developer: Hello Games
Publisher: Hello Games
Genre: Survival simulator, space simulator
Platform: PC
Publication Type: Licence
Language: English
Voice language: English,
Multiplayer: None
Tablet: Not required

No Man's Sky is a science-fiction space simulator from the creators of Joe Danger for a new generation of consoles and PCs. The action of the game takes place on the expanses of a procedurally-genius universe, where absolutely everything - from planets and creatures on them to whole galaxies - is created quite by accident. The game is virtually infinite, although it has a clear goal - the player must fly to the center of the universe to solve a secret. On the way to their goal, players are free to do anything - explore the planets, fight in space for the possession of resources, improve their weapons and ship, learn extraterrestrial languages, and much more. And the players have to extract resources and fight on the planets with mysterious Guardians who protect them.

Features :
Go on an epic journey - In the center of the galaxy there is an irresistible impulse, which so beckons you to go on a trip to learn the true nature of the cosmos. But when you meet a lot of hostile creatures and ferocious pirates, you will learn that life and death have their own price, and sometimes you have to choose between saving your life or pumping your ship.
Find your destiny - your journey in this galaxy depends on you. You can be a fighter, cash in on the weak and take tribute from them, or you can kill pirates and take away their treasures. All in your power, if you have worked hard over your ship and arsenal.
Or maybe you want to trade? Find rich resources on forgotten planets and sell them at a price? Invest in the transportation of valuable goods and multiply your wealth. Or maybe in the researchers? Go beyond the known, open up new places that no one has ever seen before. On the most powerful engine, go further and further, just do not forget to work on your survival suit, so as not to perish in a toxic environment.
Share your journey - the universe is like a living organism. Trade caravans fly between the stars, the factions are fighting for territory, pirates are hunting for the weak, and the police are constantly banging. All other players are also in the same galaxy, so you can share your discoveries with them on a map that spans the vast space of this galaxy.

Install the game, following the instructions of the installation program;
Install pre-order DLC;


[MULTI] No Man's Sky [v 1.5  + DLC] (2016) GOG
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