Why you should not use Fake idm serial numbers?

Why you should not use Fake idm serial numbers? Please note that IDM is the best download manager in the world for pc, so all people are in need of this product so many people use fake serial keys, but it should not be practiced.. because the cracked version of serial keys won't be as good as original version. I Listed some of the disadvantages of using IDM Crack below please read it and understand why you should not use fake serial numbers of idm.

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So now i will tell you the disadvantages of using fake serial numbers

If you use fake idm serial numbers the following problems may or may not occur:

1. Many Popup's
2. You can't update IDM to latest version
3. Often you will receive idm is registered with fake serial number issue
4. You will be said to connect to internet often
5. Please understand the work of the creators of this software.

So How can i solve “Fake serial key” problem permanently in IDM?

Buy and Use GENUINE license key to register your IDM

How to get a Genuine IDM License key
  1. You can buy it from official site. The "idm is registered with fake serial" popup will go away forever.
  2. You can also download genuine serial number from Many verified resellers of idm that too in cheap rate compared to official idm site.

In Short you can only buy the official idm serial in their official site or from their resellers. So buy genuine and play genuine :)