Felicity & Donna #20

Welcome to the 20th Donna and Felicity
Appreciation Thread


1. unbreakable clarity
2. holding my heart
3. olicitybubble
4. Beyond Insane
5. walking with spiders
6. oxalys
7. find something real
8. *Stephie*
9. sourburst
10. Chasity05
12. fire for a heart
13. Lauren James
14. BlueDog9
15. backstreetboysfan
16. IBelieveInMiracles
17. dbn

Being a mother adds another level of feelings, fears, happiness, and protective layers, so I enjoy it a lot, but, it’s vital to have chemistry of some sort with whoever plays your child and I struck gold when I met Emily Bett Rickards! She is a beautiful soul who is a joy to work with. I love and respect her immensely. She is hilarious as well and keeps me laughing almost all day.x




Futures Titles

Felicity’s “emotional intelligence” is from Donna.
"I didn't lose you, did I ?" "Never"

Felicity & Donna #20
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