Queer as Folk ~ 3.10 "Uncle Ben"~ New Episode Discussion

*NEW* Episode "Live" Watch Discussion! Break out your DVD's, Showtime or your favorite way to watch Queer As Folk. We are going to watch and discuss 1 episode per week (unless we decide as a group otherwise).

3.10 "Uncle Ben"~ New Episode Discussion

Brian and Justin are at odds over his work with Stockwell; Ted goes away for the weekend and meets new friends; Mel becomes annoyed by Michael's constant concern.

Director: Kevin Inch
Writers: Ron Cowen, Daniel Lipman & Shawn Postoff
Series Created by: Russell T. Davies
Original air date: May 18, 2003 (United States), June 9, 2003 (Canada)

Music from 310

Some Lovin (Peter Rauhofer) - Kristine W VS Murk - Brian & Justin Dancing @ Babylon

Mandolin Concerto in C Major - Antonio Vivaldi - Ted driving to "Paradise"

Mellow - Tricky - Ted in motel, getting high

Walking On Thin Ice (Danny Tangalia Mix) - Yoko Ono - Babylon/Backroom closed

Walking On Thin Ice (Danny Tangalia Mix) - Yoko Ono - Brian helps Justin/End credits

Queer as Folk ~ 3.10
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