X-Men News, Media & Websites #5: Because we still like keeping up with the X-Men franchise, even if the Fox X-Men universe is ending.


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That was Rita not me. :P

Oh, screw it. lol


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Is that the icon for Peter Petrelli banging against The Wall for years?

Not really, Rita. lol


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Well, either way, I do believe Feige will make MCU X-Men a lot different from Fox X-Men. You know with Hollywood seemly having this continuing pattern of replacing fictional redhead characters it makes me wonder if the next one will be Jean?

Well, then Feige had better stick to the comics and stop making these characters his own instead of Marvel's. :sick: I'm getting sick of his disrespect for the source material.

Oh, and thanks for that link below. It only confirmed what I always knew about Singer as well as Kinberg, along with all of Hollywood. How ironic that Olivia Munn had to be the one to point that out.


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X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Star Oliva Munn Reveals Just How Little Bryan Singer And Simon Kinberg Know About The Comics


Dark Phoenix was a critical and commercial bomb, and it was clear while watching the movie that writer/director Simon Kinberg didn't have much interest in adhering to the source material.

That's always been the case for the X-Men franchise, though, and now X-Men: Apocalypse star Olivia Munn has now revealed just how clueless both Kinberg and Bryan Singer were on the set of that movie. As you can see in the clip below, neither of them were aware that Psylocke has a brother...you know, Captain Britain, a character who was instrumental in Betsy Braddock's origin story.


It was in Captain Britain's solo series written by the legendary Alan Moore that Betsy was introduced, and in case it wasn't already obvious, Singer and Kinberg probabaly chose to use Psylocke simply because they saw her on a comic book cover and thought she looked cool!

Thankfully, the X-Men characters are now in the hands of Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige so we won't have to worry about a bizarre lack of comic book knowledge ruining any more movies...


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X-Men News, Media & Websites #5: Because we still like keeping up with the X-Men franchise, even if the Fox X-Men universe is ending.
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