[Eric | Feeny] #4: Because Mr Feeny always believed in Eric

Eric Matthews & George Feeny
[ Will Friedle + William Daniels ]

These two had such a special relationship.
I think he was more of a mentor for Eric than them all.
Eric always seemed to go back to Mr. Feeny,
and had this great special relationship!


01. IluvChad18
02. Sheebs
03. Elizabeth90
04. lavenderskies
05. lies and lullabies
06. Something Special
07. words left behind
08. baelfire24
09. FollowYourღ
10. Always Choose You
11. msstock87
12. lisagslack14
13. Mich1111
14. now.it.all.begins
15. KeepThisaSecret
16. ||michelle||

Future Titles
- "You're a good teacher, Mr. Feeny." "Yes, and you're smarter than you look."

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[Eric | Feeny] #4: Because Mr Feeny always believed in Eric
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