Stranger Things (Netflix) #11: "Mornings are for coffee and contemplation."

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"She will not be able to resist these pearls."
"God help me I will keep these lights up until the day I die if I think there's a chance that Will's still out there!"
"If anybody asks where I am I've left the country."
"They can't save you." | "No, but I can save them."
"Sorry? What the hell am I sorry for?"
"She's our friend, and she's crazy!"
"Alright, accident or not, admit it... it was awesome."
"I'm stealthy. Like a ninja."
"Why are you keeping the curiosity door locked?"
"Use the shampoo and conditioner... and when it’s damp, you do four puffs of the Farrah Fawcett spray."
"Mike: If we’re both going crazy, then we’ll go crazy together, right? Will: Yeah. Crazy together."

Stranger Things (Netflix) #11:
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