The Rockstars ☆ {Demi & JB} #16: Because we need a reunion pic of them all together!

Demi & The Jonas Brothers

"We could look at each other and know exactly what the other person was thinking.
There was always sort of that bond that goes beyond words.” ~ Nick

1. Jessica (once_inalullaby)
2. Tori (Can't Have You)
3. Jessica (Make A Wave)
4. Marian (jakesprincess)
5. Lauren (Believe In Me)
6. Paulina (xpaulina16x)
7. May (miahernandes)
8. Adie (Adie010)
9. trishatl
10. Caitlin (crazycait714)
11. Stina (butterflygoodbye)
12. Aimy (Aimyy.Leigh)
13. Lizzie (Lizzie♥Z&V)
14. Izzy (bestwriter101)
15. Jules (fire for a heart)
16. Jemi_Nelena
17. Teresa(DUHsoTK)
18. Belle (ellehcim_belle)
19. Maria (Jemistry)
20. Monica (moni8)
21. Mel (Nerdy Angel)
22. Kaylee (*Kaylee*)
23. Emily (Jemi♥Disney)
24. _masquerade_
25. Raffaella (misslafferty225)
26. peace_love_couture
27. Emma (say something)
28. YAMI1024
29. xlennie
30. emilybreathes
31. B.Chambers
32. Kor (Ms.Bball)
33. JelliBeen92
34. Becky (Becca <3's Jemi)
35. Jess (Yenetai)
36. Emma (~Phoenix~)
37. Gina (Gina21)
38. Ashley (glitterauthor2)
39. Nikki (karevluvsstevens85)
40. Jordyn (Before The Storm)
41. Amber (TV fan xx)
42. macy misa (Aly)
43. lulu-144 (Lucy)
44. Schtroumphi (Emeline)

"The Jonas Brothers are great guys, real gentlemen - they’ve become like brothers to
me. I even put on my glasses and wear sweatpants around them because you wouldn’t
put makeup on for just your brothers! But I have a different relationship with each one.
Like, Nick and I always have these totally crazy conspiracy-theory conversations! Kevin’s
older, but he’s really funny. And I can definitely call Joe a best friend." ~ Demi

"Having Demi on stage was amazing. I mean, she’s one of our closest friends. And,
you know, Demi’s got that brilliant smile that just makes you feel good." ~ Nick

☆ Because Kevin is always nowhere to be seen..
☆ Because this thread is turning into the JB thread.
☆ Because they are each others biggest fans!
☆ "You'd think Nick and Demi are siblings, sometimes more than Nick and I." -Joe

"She can stick up for her own. She is one strong girl. She’s my best friend and I love
that girl so much…In this business, it’s really hard to find people who are going to be
there for the rest of your life. When I met Demi, I knew right away that our friendship
was really strong. I don’t want to lose that ever." ~ Joe

"Demi’s a legitimate artist. She loves to write, she loves to
play, she loves to sing, and it’s her passion." ~ Kevin

01 ☆ 02 ☆ 03 ☆ 04 ☆ 05 ☆ 06 ☆ 07 ☆ 08 ☆ 09 ☆ 10 ☆ 11 ☆ 12 ☆ 13

"There’s nobody like him in my life that I felt connected to through music.
I feel like he’s the male version of me, which is pretty funny, but not crazy." ~ Demi


The Rockstars ☆ {Demi & JB} #16: Because we need a reunion pic of them all together!
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