Camren {Camila&Lauren} #20: "But they don't have a shot when I compare them to you" ~ Camila

c a m i l a ♥ l a u r e n

♥ s h i p p e r s ♥
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♥ h u g s ♥

♥ c r u s h ♥

♥ l o o k ♥

♥ t i t l e s ♥
• Because Lauren loves Camila's way with words
• "I love you. You're one of my best friends and I feel like I've know you forever." ~ Camila
• "Thanks Buddy!" "No problem Buddy!" ~ Camila&Lauren
• "Camila!" "What?" "Pay attention!" ~ Camila&Lauren
• "Sing It for our girl, c'mon” ~ Camila
• "We'll send her your love?" ~ Camila

♥ s y n c ♥

♥ t h e | e l e v a t o r ♥

♥ r e a s o n s ♥
• Because "Who's your celebrity crush?" "Mine is Lauren." ~ Camila
• Because "Lauren from planet green eyes that attacks you" ~ Camila
• Because "They call her Mila, I call her Camz" ~ Lauren
• Because "You're special to me" ~ Camila
• Because "Lauren can be a mom sometimes" ~ Dinah "And I'm the father" ~ Camila
• Because Lauren will be laughing at any jokes Camila says
• Because #CamrenIsReal
• Because CC7 & Trials&Tribulations are the best fanfics
• Because "Indirects are fun" ~ Lauren
• Because "Your beautiful eyes stare right into mine" ~ Lauren
• Because of the way they look at each other
• Because "Camila is actually pregnant with Lauren's child. They're naming him Cameron." ~ Michael J.
• Because of their subtle (or not) touches
• Because they sound so good together
• Because "I can still scare you whenever I want" ~ Camila (sexy voice)
• Because they keep checking each other out
• Because Camila is the dragon to Lauren's unicorn
• Because "it's camren yo" ~ Lauren
• Because "Buddy"
• Because "I'm uncovered!" ~ Camila
• Because Camila wanna kiss Lauren under the mistletoe
• Because "No but really, she wants Camila, Bah Felicia!" ~ Dinah
• Because "You look beautiful tho. It doesn't count." ~ Lauren

♥ e y e s | s e x ♥

♥ p a s t | t h r e a d s ♥
#1 Bow down to the royal ship
#2 We love their friendship as much as we love them
#3 Camren has been trending all over Europe
#4 "Who's your celebrity crush?" "Mine is Lauren" ~ Camila
#5 "Camz! STOP!!"
#6 "Lauren can be a mom sometimes" ~ Dinah "And I'm the father" ~ Camila
#7 "Sinu is always watching, mija ������??"
#8 "It's Camila on Lauren's ass now!" ~ Emeline
#9 "They call her Mila. I call her Camz." ~ Lauren
#10 They both can't take their eyes off of each other
#11 Before we even knew how important we were going to be to each other, something in us knew and something in us will always know
#12 "I love you always" ~ Camila
#13 "Camila is actually pregnant with Lauren's child. They're naming him Cameron." ~ Michael J.
#14 "I can't tell you what a comfort it is to know someone like you will stick up for me and have my back, i hope you know i will too."
#15 "Sing It for our girl, c'mon” ~ Camila
#16 "Sneaking in LA when the lights are low, Hoping to see you lose control"
#17 "Your hairs grown a little longer. Your arms look a little stronger. Your EYES just as I remember"
#18 "Loving you was young, and wild, and free. Loving you, it still takes shot's at me"
[url=]#19 "we tease each other with forever....

Camren {Camila&Lauren} #20:
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