Shamy (Sheldon & Amy) #152: Because "How does it feel to be married to a Nobel Prize winner?" "You tell me!"

#152: Because "How does it feel to be married to a Nobel Prize winner?" ""You tell me!"

The wait for the SIK is over..

The 2 minutes into epic Shamy bliss

Because they were chosen by science.
Because they don't drink coffee.
Because they have a shared aversion to soiled hosiery.
Because they each have a deal with their mother.
Because they have opted out together.
Because they are both unfamiliar with slang.
Because they found something to talk about on their "date."
Because she wanted to see his cats.
Because they tricked her mother.
Because they tried meme theory out on their friends.
Because they both dislike Priya.
Because they kissed and it was "fascinating."
Because she taught him how to massage his own shoulders.
Because Amy considers him as her kinda sorta boyfriend.
Because he is her heartbreaker.
Because they cuddled.
Because he was worried when he could not get in touch with Amy.
Because he's her snuggle bunny.
Because theirs is a relationship of the mind.
Because he didn't let her be alone.
Because he was jealous of Amy dating Stuart.
Because he asked her to be his girlfriend.
Because they have a Relationship Agreement.
Because she's a Princess and he gave her a tiara.
Because she saved him a dumpling.
Because the music took him to her.
Because he asked her advice.
Because they find each other physically attractive.
Because Sheldon's affectionate feelings for her are increasing at an accelerated rate.
Because he broke the Hand-holding clause and held her hand.
Because their progeny will be the first in a line of benign overlords.
Because Sheldon likes sharing mixed nuts with Amy.
Because they compromised and Sheldon lost.
Because when he looks into her eyes, he knows what kind of man he wants to be.
Because Amy is HIS woman.
Because Sheldon won't let no low down pole cat wrong his woman.
Because it's a possibility.

"I dig the Shamy because they are the sweetest couple ever, and yet they are both characters with their own lives and beliefs.
They are not afraid to be who they are and it doesn't matter because they like each other for who they are, quirks and all!"
- Stefi62♥

The Evolution of Hand Holding...

"They have each found a complementary kindred spirit in the other.
Watching the Shamy relationship evolve truly supports the old saying that 'There's a lid for every pot';
which is undeniably appealing to the romantic in all of us."- FoxPhile♥

"Isn't that what we all crave for, to fall in love with a significant other who changes your life for the better?"- smoguntia♥

NEW Shamy Shenanigans (on screen and not imaginary :D )

Originally Posted by stefi62
I want the Shamy to marry on March 14 2017. Why that date? Three reasons:
1) March 14 is Pi day
2) March 14 is also the 73rd day of the year
3) 2017 is a prime number.
Originally Posted by Anglophile79
Another point about the Shamy wedding date, it would be 3/14/17 (or 14/3/17 in other countries), and 3 + 14 = 17!! I CAN'T.
Originally Posted by FoxPhile
March 14 is also Albert Einstein's birthday (1879)

Singing together
Singing Karaoke
Playing practical jokes on the rest of the gang.
Playing practical jokes on each other.
Making a research field trip.
Mrs. Fowler to pay a visit to her daughter to meet her "boyfriend."
One of them calling the other, "Dr. Cuddles."
A surprise Valentine's Day dinner for Amy.
Teaming up to finally defeat one of Sheldon's nemesis. (Honorable Mention: Defeating Kripke at "Flag/Not a Flag" in 8.10 The Champagne Reflection)
Sheldon's reaction to Amy's pale, slightly hunched shoulders. (Honorable Mention: Sheldon really did think she was pretty in 8.08 The Prom Equivalency)
Doing a work related project together (10.08 Brain Bowl Incubation)
Shamy marriage.
Frequent, intense and whimsically inventive coitus. (10.23 The Gyroscopic Collapse)
Going to the zoo or a museum (9.08 The Platonic Permutation)
Babysitting - preferably a super-smart or precocious toddler
Cooking a meal or hosting a dinner party together (doese Brunch count? :D 10x06 - The Fetal Kick Catalyst]
Playing 3D chess
Sheldon helping Amy deal with a difficult issue
Amy teaching Sheldon how to drive (8.12 Space Probe Disintegration/ off screen)
Couples Game Night - with Sheldon and Amy together on a team (Mystic Warlords of Ka'a)
Playing an online game together - and maybe Sheldon and Amy do what Howard did with Glucinda the Troll
Sheldon playing the piano for Amy
Learning a foreign language together (and then speaking in that language in front of the rest of the group)
Sheldon helping Amy to label things or organize her apartment
Proud/Impressed Sheldon attending a presentation or lecture given by Amy
Amy fighting with Penny/Bernadette and Sheldon standing by Amy by being "diabolical" or by reasoning (a la Parking Spot)
Double date with the Wolowitzes at a Neil Diamond concert
Amy celebrating Sheldon's birthday (not what he had in mind but a honorable mention: 8.16 The Intimacy Acceleration), 9.17The Celebration Experimentation
Sheldon (the Texas gentleman) helping Amy out of her jacket
Sheldon letting Amy sit in his spot
Eating a banana together
Amy giving Sheldon a bath
Cuddling in Sheldon's spot
Amy making breakfast at Sheldons apartment (10.03 The Dependence Transcendence)
Sheldon initiated hug
Sheldon carrying Amy
Things we'd like to see more of
Doing more experiments in the Social Sciences.
Making up more games. (9.08 The Platonic Permutation)
See them cuddle on a regularish basis.
Attending a another science conference together
Attending another science author book signing
More physical contact and casual touching (8.17: The Colonization Application, 9.10: Earworm Reverberation, 9.11: Opening Night Excitation, 10.04, 10.05, 10.06, 10.07,
Another Fun With Flags - with both Sheldon and Amy on camera 8.10 The Champagne Reflection, 09x15 - The Valentino Submergence, 10x07 - The Veracity Elasticity
Dancing! (10.08 Sheldon dancing the Flamenco to seduce Amy)
More "Shamy vs. the rest of the group" dynamics - like in the Parking Lot 7.16 Table Polarization
Queen Penny diggin' the Shamy 8.14 The Troll Manifestation; 10x05 - The Hot Tub Contamination
Skype messaging (9.02, 9.04, 9.09, 9.12, 9.13, 9.19, 10.24)
Gift exchanges 8.11 The Clean Room Infiltration
D&D! (Shamy style)
Staircase Conversations 7.11 Cooper Extraction; 08.01 The Locomotion Interruption ;8.02 Junior Professor Solution
More Kissing! - AIK, SIK or mutual, and a Mistletoe kiss on-screen 9.10 Earworm Reverberation, 9.11 Opening Night Excitation, 10.07 The Veracity Elasticity, (Honorable Mention: the "Vulcan Kiss" in 8.10 The Champagne Reflection)
Wishes granted
Sheldon proposing, down on one knee (10.24 The Long Distance Dissonance)
Amy moving in with Sheldon - 10.07 The Veracity Elasticity
Dining in a good restaurant. - S6xE01, "The Date Night Variable"
Out in the open, casual hand holding. - S6xE02, "The Decoupling Fluctuation"
To see them both properly dressing up for Halloween. - S6xE05, "The Holographic Excitation"
See them doing more stuff together like the Counterfactuals/Fun With Flags stuff. - S6xE07, "The Habitation Configuration"
Caring for the other during an illness. S6xE10 "The Fish Guts Displacement'
Having a Valentine's Day that only they'd consider romantic. S6xE16, "The Tangible Affection Proof
Sheldon to openly admit to Amy that he has feelings for her. S6xE23 "The Love Spell Potential"
Sober-Amy/drunk-Sheldon. - S7xE09, "The Thanksgiving Decoupling"
Amy seeing a drunk Sheldon in person. - S7xE09, "The Thanksgiving Decoupling"
Amy standing up for Sheldon. S7xE11 "The Cooper Extraction'
A Sheldon initiated kiss. S7xE15 "The Locomotive Manipulation"
Taking a train trip together. S7xE15 "The Locomotive Manipulation"
A both-parties-sober kiss. S7xE19 "The Indecision Amalgamation"
Adding a kissing clause in their Relationship Agreement S7xE19 "The Indecision Amalgamation"
Sheldon saying "I love you" first. S8xE08 The Prom Equivalency!!!!
The exchanging of Christmas presents. S8xE11 The Clean Room Infiltration
Carpooling / Driving in a car together S8xE09 The Septum Deviation
Amy giving Sheldon a brain scan. 8.13 - The Anxiety Optimization
Leonard walking in to Sheldon and Amy doing weird Shamy-specific things. - 8.20 The Fortification Implementation
Sheldon bringing flowers for Amy. Even though we apparently don't care for conventional romantic gestures. S9xE11 The Opening Night Excitation
Sheldon celebrating Amy's birthday. S9xE11 The Opening Night Excitation
Visiting Salt Lake City. S9xE11 The Opening Night Excitation
Amy meeting Sheldon's family, especially Meemaw - preferably on a trip to Texas S9x14 - The Meemaw Materialization
Sheldon coming to Amy's defense S9x14 - The Meemaw Materialization

"I dig the Shamy because they are 'couple of weirdos' who understand each other and have a relationship
that works for them. Watching them together, their relationship is like really fascinating journey -
you don't want to drive fast, you want to slow down and enjoy the sight. And the little things that would
seem completely irrelevant for other couples, for Shamy feel huge and meaningful."-YellowMugBlueMug ♥

"As it stands right now I think Sheldon and Amy's chemistry and story-lines are the best of the series.
They are in some ways soul-mates and work so well together. They have similar interests and traits and
they have different ways of expressing their like or love for each other."- topherkraz78♥

"It's kinda like the Loch Ness monster.
Maybe there's something there, maybe there isn't,
but the point is we'll never know."
- Leonard Hofstadter

"For Sheldon and Amy to be lucky in finding that special someone in the world who truly ‘gets you’ and
conquering the world together in such fun and hilarious Shamy style, is what I love most about Shamy"- jezz♥

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169 Shamy Shippers and counting!!

"The shamy teaches valuable lessons of self confidence.
It shows us we can be who we are, and still find love despite the stereotypical view of the majority."- kazziemuse♥

•Honorary Shippers•
*** Jim Parsons
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"The most important thing to me about this couple is, that Amy isn't changing Sheldon, [or vice versa.]
It's not changing what happens in Sheldon, it's growing. He can be himself around Amy, and he knows she understands him.
As well as Amy is growing with Sheldon, too. I think Shamy is one of the most truthful couples I have ever seen."- IsadoraH♥

"At first, I didn't have any feeling towards this couple what so ever. In fact, I considered myself a Sheldon
purist. My love for them grew over the seasons and I can't see myself living a life where I don't ship The Shamy.
All I know is it started with 'You're a vixen, Amy Farrah Fowler.'"- kbcountry37♥

"By any standard, Amy is more similar to me than anyone I’ve ever met....
whether you see it or not is irrelevant."
- Sheldon Cooper

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Paley Fest 2013: TBBT Cast Panel..(Alien Friendly Link)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Music Videos and Shamy Song Lists
{Far Away} Sheldon & Amy AU - "Far Away" - Nickleback
Sheldon & Amy - I was made for you - YouTube
Sheldon||Amy - A Thousand Years - YouTube
Sheldon and Amy (Shamy) - Sooner or Later (Alternate Version) - YouTube
Sheldon/Amy (Shamy)- Where We Gonna Go From Here - YouTube
The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon & Amy - Lost in you - YouTube
The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon & Amy - Don't go breaking my heart - YouTube
The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon & Amy - Better Together - YouTube
The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon & Amy - Jealousy - YouTube
Glad you Came - The Shamy - YouTube

Fanmix: Formaldehyde by LostInTheSun
Fanmix: Whether you see it or not is irrelevant by LostInTheSun
Shamy Fanmix by InvisibleWalls
Touching Me, Touching You by Stefi62
Animal - Neon Trees
Do I have to say the words? - Bryan Adams
I like you - Morrissey
Little thoughts - Bloc Party
Something to Talk About - Bonnie Raitt
The Only Exception - Paramore
Never be - I Blame Coco
You Made Me Love You - Sung by Mayim Bialik
sheldon and amy - let your heart hold fast - amy's version ♥ sheldon's version - by 123sprinkles

The Only Conclusion by Jamie Lawson (dedicated to Sheldon and Amy)

"I love that to have a successful relationship you don't have to have sex, it can be an intellectual connection.
The Shamy has showed me that love comes in many forms and they are just so adorable and sweet!"- What's a hickey?♥

"They bond and bond and you watch their walls crumble and their feelings metamorphasize into this...unheard of romance
that is unconventional but SO endearing, you just can't help but plaster your face to the screen and hope that it continues
to flourish for them. Shipping the Shamy is akin to traveling upon torrid waters, but once the journey comes to its destination,
you are welcomed by a warm oasis that leaves you knowing that witnessing the struggles was all the more worth it. "- Ahmyrak♥

by Ahmyrak
Sheldon and Amy
Amy wearing Sheldon's red Flash t-shirt
Sexy Shamy (adult content)
Amazing Manips - Caution - Intense Feels Warnings! Click at your own risk!
Shamy manip by Rubyanjel posted on Twitter

"I love the eye-coitus, the long talks, the quirky games, the quirky experiments and just their own quirky viewpoint on everything.
They "get" each other and not only have found a deep respect and intellectual connection with each other, but have let it blossom into a
very deep and intimate love. They chart their own relationship path and enjoy the journey, taking time to truly treasure each day with each other."
- stardustmelody77♥

By Musickat
The Relationship Evolution
The Reconnection Epiphany
The Theory of Objectivity
Fanfiction inspired by the Shamy thread
Lionne: The Bear Paw Amendment
The Five Times Fic: Five Times Amy and Sheldon Did Not Meet
An idea is born...Lio threw down the gauntlet...The game was afoot!...xmarisolx accepted the challenge...
And finally, the team was lined up:
Part 1 by XMarisolX: Five Times Amy and Sheldon Didn't Meet
Part 2 by WeBuiltThePyramids: Five Times Sheldon and Amy Did Not Meet
Part 3 by Musickat18: Five Times Sheldon and Amy Didn't Meet
Part 4 by xLostInTheSun: Five Times Amy and Sheldon Didn't Meet
Part 5 by Lionne6: Five Times Amy and Sheldon Didn't Meet
Part 6 by FoxPhile: ...And One Time They Did
The Blanket Hypothesis Challenge...smoguntia...FoxPhile...No_Quarter...LostInTheSun...teoriapostmoderna...Quartertofive
Sheldon & Amy Fanfictions: The Best Of (recommendations by LostInTheSun)

"I love the honesty of their interactions. As they become closer, there is a growing openness, too;
those beautiful moments of intimacy through honesty are truly touching."- Whimsical Elf♥

"Sheldon and Amy speak to the fact that there is someone for everyone. And not because we change for the other,
or expect the other to change for us, but rather, because the other accepts and celebrates us exactly as we are."- ShamyLove♥

Has Sheldon Kissed Amy Yet (tumblr)
Shamy Fanlisting
Sheldon and Amy Live Journale (adult content notice)
The Shamy Dissection Tumblr
The Shamy Dissection LiveJournal
Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik talk Sheldon, Amy and ... you know
WeBuiltThePyramids: Sheldon & Amy (Shamy) Shipper Manifesto (adult content notice)

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Tracking the monkeys: Stefi62

The Shamy kisses contest - from season 4 to season 9
Welcome to Shamyland theme park!

"I can say for sure that I’ve never seen two people conduct a relationship like this one, being so unfiltered they can't help
but be honest with each other which I consider the bedrock of a legitimate romance. After being isolated for so long they open
up to one another so completely there is hardly a need to be physical to be intimate. I dig the Shamy because their relationship
feels real, feels secure and has so much going for it I can’t give another name to it but love."- Captain Riterra Smith♥

Shamy Hiatus Watch-A-Thon Episodes - Summer 2013
4.20 The Herb Garden Germination (#1). .5.10 The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition (#2). .4.21 The Agreement Dissection (#3)
6.16 The Tangible Affection Proof (#4). .5.08 The Isolation Permutation (#5). .5.23 The Launch Acceleration (#6)
6.14 The Cooper/Kripke Inversion (#7). .4.03 The Zazzy Substitution (#8). .5.12 The Shiny Trinket Maneouvre (#9)
4.10 The Alien Parasite Hypothesis (#10). .5.16 The Vacation Solution (#11). .3.23 The Lunar Excitation (#12)
6.23 The Love Spell Potential (#13). .6.07 The Habitation Configuration (#14). .4.01 The Robotic Manipulation (#15)
6.09 The Parking Spot Escalation (#16). .5.24 The Countdown Reflection (#17). .6.10 The Fish Guts Displacement (#18)

"I think relationships are like puzzles, for it works, the pieces can’t be identical, they must match instead,
and I think Shamy are like this. Amy is not a female version of Sheldon, she is his perfect fit."- Lora73♥

"...what we have is extremely intimate."
-Sheldon Cooper


"What makes me love Sheldon and Amy and their bond is that, up until they met, they were not interested in romantic
relationships nor they understood their purpose. This is what Shamy is for me: reconsidering everything you ever
thought about life, love and relationships because you've found someone that you think it's worth trying for."
- teoriapostmoderna♥

"I have always wanted Sheldon to find love, if only because he seemed so adamently opposed, yet knew that it would take a very different
and special kind of person to not only put up with him, but to also be well suited. Enter Amy. Not only is she perfect for Sheldon, but
as it turns out, Sheldon is perfect for her. Sheldon and Amy have achieved what many people in the world failed to do: find their soulmate."
- Musickat18♥

"For the first three seasons I argued against Sheldon being in a romantic relationship with anyone.
As part of my argument, I described the kind of woman that would have to exist for Sheldon to actually
crave a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with. And then, lo and behold, in the season three finale,
she walked up to Sheldon and into all of our lives. I thought 'oh, this could work. Maybe.'
And that's the understatement of the show."- WeBuiltThePyramids♥

{100:22-Nov-13} Because we're not losing our minds over Shamy. (LEONARD COUGH) 100 threads!
{101:02-DEC-13} Because triple digits, we're not gonna lie, feels pretty good!
{102:11-DEC-13} Because Sheldon wanted Amy to smell his flower.
{103:29-DEC-13} Because Amy is on Sheldon's screensaver, and she's the hottest one.
{104:08-JAN-14} Because he is so into her!
{105:15-JAN-14} Because Amy has clearly had an impact on Sheldon
{106:18-JAN-14} Because he cares for her more than she thinks.
{107:28-JAN-14} Because he would rather have had her with him in Texas.
{108:07-FEB-14} Because Sheldon kissed Amy.
{109:08-FEB-14} Because Sheldon kissed Amy and needs to collect additional data.
{110:11-FEB-14} Because Sheldon kissed Amy and it lasted 11 Mississippis.
{111:18-FEB-14} Because Sheldon kissed Amy like mommies and daddies do.
{112:23-FEB-14} Because Sheldon kissed Amy and her lips tasted like the brownies they had for dessert!
{113:14-MAR-14} Because their relationship is stronger than ever!
{114:04-APR-14} Because their Date Nights end with a kiss now.
{115:23-APR-14} Because Sheldon kissed Amy and he invited her to the engine room.
{116:07-MAY-14} Because Sheldon has abandoned vexillology in favor of vixenology
{117:24-MAY-14} Because "It's so organically awkward." - Jim
{118:08-JUL-14} Because "I would advise Sheldon to do what it takes to keep Amy in his life" - Jim'
{119:02-OCT-14} 'Because they are an 8.2!'
{120:13-NOV-14} 'Because the only conclusion was love'
{121:30-DEC-14} 'Because they love each other!
{122:7-FEB-15} Because she is Sheldon's "dear Amy"
{123:13-MAR-15} Because since Sheldon pontificated his way into Amy's heart a lot of things we never thought possible now seem possible
{124:1-MAY-15} Because They Built Fort Cozy McBlanket
{125:22-MAY-15} Because Sheldon thought of The Flash on their 5th anniversary...anyway...there is a ring
{126:9-JUL-15} Because "I can't imagine they're going to keep those two apart. They are such a wonderful couple" ~ Jim
{127:3-AUG-15} Because they are not broken up, THEY ARE ON A BREAK! *
{128:19-AUG-15} Because "I want you there with me."
{129:22-SEP-15} Because "We make everyone feel awkward, that's our thing!"
{130:20-OCT-15} Because "I'm gonna get that girl back."
{131:06-NOV-15}Because "I just hugged Mayim and said that some day we will have a scene where we are nice to each other again" ~ Jim
{132:13-NOV-15} Because they don't really want anyone else
{133:21-NOV-15} Because Amy misses this and so do we!
{134:03-DEC-15} Because we are waiting for a Shamy reunion like kids at Christmas
{135:11-DEC-15}Because "She's like the dryer sheets of my heart!"
{136:17-DEC-15}Because "You're my heartworm... Amy, if you want to be my girlfriend again, I really want to be your boyfriend."
{137:21-DEC-15}Because "We can find out together."
{138:30-DEC-15}Because Sheldon showed Amy on her birthday how much she means to him!
{139:13-JAN-16}Because Sheldon named an asteroid after Amy
{140:03-FEB-16}Because they miss each other when they're apart!
{141:17-FEB-16} Because I just gave you my virginity woman cool your jets~Sheldon
{142:06-MAR-16}Because "I feel like I got the greatest gift the day Sheldon was born" ~ Amy
{143:27-MAR-16}Because Jim can't wait for them to be back in bed again.
{144:01-May-16}Because "I believe our relationship now is stronger than ever" ~ Sheldon
{145:16-Jun-16}Because Sheldon gets jealous when Amy gets a massage from other men
{146:20-Jul-16} Because "When we were apart, I learned how important you are to me." - Sheldon Cooper
{147:08-Sep-16} Because we've both grown together."
{148:16-Okt-16} Because they're temporarily living together for science!
{149:03-Nov-16} Because "Amy Farrah Fowler… will you share this toothbrush holder with me?"
{150:16-Jan-17}Because here we are - only 150 threads later, and Shamy is already doing Hankius Pankius
{151:02-Jul-17}Because to wake up every morning and know you're there is a great comfort to me!

'His quirks just make you love him more!'
'I like you for who you are. Quirks and all.'
"Those two lines right there are why I ship the Shamy. Because love isn't about tolerating someone's flaws and loving a person in spite of them -
love is about embracing everything about someone, even the silliest, most infuriating of quirks." - LostInTheSun♥

Because in their relationship they are themselves.
Because they’ve found a way for it to work for them and it’s not the way it works for other people.
Because this is our Shamyface.
Because she wanted to show him off to her family.
Because he got to blow the whistle because of her.
Because she arranged for him to be a Junior Amtrak Train Conductor.
Because Sheldon is a brains-man.
Because Tiaras and Trains are always a good idea.
Because Sheldon knows how he feels about Amy.
Because Amy's the MJ to Sheldon's Spiderman.
Because Sheldon's finally getting a Testosterone level.
Because Amy's Not Alone Anymore, She has Sheldon.
Because he's working on it.
Because word in the university, he's giving her genitals a proper jostling.
Because, for Sheldon, what they have is extremely intimate
Because they love to play D&D
Because Amy is Sheldons girl
Because Amy is drawn to the blazing fire that is Sheldon
Because in Amy's mind, they kissed.
Because Amy plans to put his love of repetition to good use someday
Because When Sheldon looks at Amy...♥~
Because we can recite the Shamy to over a hundred places
Because over 100 threads later we ship Shamy and whether you see it or not is irrelevant
Because after 100 threads we're digging the Shamy even more than when we started!
Because Sheldon and Amy already gave us over 100 threads of joy and fun
Because we have more than 100 reasons to ship the Shamy
Because after over 100 threads of Shamy progress, we're still boldly going
Because Sheldon asked "Ain't she GREAT?"
Because he knows she missed him.
Because Sheldon kissed Amy and he liked it.
Because Amy deserves romance.
Because if Amy wants romance then Sheldon will give her romance.
Because Sheldon kissed Amy and "That was nice"..."Good"
Because Sheldon kissed Amy and the SIK came 66 years early
Because Sheldon kissed Amy and he invited her to the engine room
Because kissing is kind of their life now
Because he didn't forget her goodnight kiss
Because they have more kisses to choose from than game consoles
Because Sheldon kissed Amy again
Because Sheldon passed Amy the butter
Because they kiss and talk
Because "Sheldon it's ok for me if you are not perfect"
Because they enjoy spending time together
Because Sheldon thinks Amy is pretty
Because he said it
Because "You really do love her, don't you?" "I do."
Because she is Sheldon's dear Amy
Because they kissed in public
Because she baked Meemaw's cookies for him
Because he treasures her and told her so
Because Sheldon proclaimed his love for Amy
Because they were going to get a turtle
Because they're planning their future together
Because they applied for Mars together
Because their kids would be Martians
Because they care so much about each other, there is enough left over for a pet
Because acquiring a joint pet is a big step for them
Because Sheldon took Amys hand and hold it for over a minute
Because Amy got Sheldon a danger whistle
Because they had a g-rated sleepover in a Fort
Because their first sleepover was in a homemade fort
Because Sheldon didn't want them to end date night
Because having a sleepover was a big step
Because Sheldon still calls Amy when something important happens in his life
Because "She did soften your life, didn't she?"
Because "Kiss her you brilliant fool!"
Because "Get back here!!!"
Because she made his life better
Because "I love the way you soften my life"
Because their (martian) kids will be named Rajesh
Because Sheldon defended Amy to his Meemaw!
Because Meemaw gave her blessing to their engagement
Because "When Amy and I were broken up, I also suffered but I'm grateful for having gone through it"
Because Sheldon shares his secrets with Amy
Because they are feeling closer to each other now
Because Sheldon rocked Amys world in bed
Because "Hey,Hey she is mine, take a cold shower grandpa!"
Because "It's a lot hotter than it sounds"
Because "The new neighbours are weird"
Because Shamy moved in together "for science"
Because Amy is checking out Sheldon when he leaves the shower
Because "Don't get me all randy, guests are on the way"
Because their living experiment is permanet now
Because they synthesized a neural network from their skin cells
Because "I turned this one into a functional boyfriend"
Because Sheldon tried to seduce Amy
Because "It's a good thing you are cute"
Because they did "Hankius Pankius on Amy's birthday
Because Sheldon gifted Amy his brainscan
Because they are doing it wrong, it took them hours
Because Sheldon didn't put his come-hither plaid PJ's for nothing
Because Amy thought she'd let Harry Potter make things hotter
Because Sheldon's orbitofrontal is lit up in the MRI because he was thinking of Amy
Because "Booop"
Because "In that moment, I realized that Amy was the only woman I ever wanted to kiss for the rest of my life"
Because they have a whole lifetime to practice
Because "And I'm going to try to do a better job of sharing the spotlight because we're a team"

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Shamy (Sheldon & Amy) #152: Because
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