The Sextet Appreciation Thread #3: "So for me all of them get fantastic moments in this final cathartic battle." - JKR

Welcome to the Sextet Appreciation Thread

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Harry couldn't have done anything without the other five. They all have characteristics that when put together in a group complement the others and make it all work and come together.

Harry is determined and steadfast in what he believes is right and wrong.
Ron has a cunning strategic mind and bucket loads of good humor.
Hermione has book smarts and keeps her cool under pressure.
Ginny has a passionate and fiery nature that goes well with her powerful magical skills.
Neville is brave and loyal, he would willingly lay down his life for anyone else in the group.
Luna has wisdom beyond her years and unique way of seeing the world around her.

They formed together to fight Lord Voldemort in the Department of Mysteries, and stayed together to defend Hogwarts and defeat the powers of evil in the following years. Together they saved the world.

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The Sextet Appreciation Thread #3:
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