Dr. Daniel Charles | Oliver Platt #4: "Maybe some secrets you just don't get to keep."



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"The world would be a much better place, a much safer place, if people would just shut up."
"I have got to confess, I am so jealous of those socks. Those hedgehogs are fantastic."
"Do you know the single greatest challenge that I face is trying to convince people that depression isn't a sign of weakness?"
"There's this new study out, says dating can lead to marriage."
"You might be surprised how things you once thought were soooo important become less so as you get older."
"In my experience, we get the patients we need."
"People think sex is a touchy subject. Believe me, money is a lot touchier."
"You can't fault yourself for caring."
"Sometimes the best advice is just, you know, not enough."
"Every medical discipline, psychiatry included, is as much art as it science."
"Funny thing about the truth -- it rarely sets anyone free."
"Losing hope is not a sign of mental illness. It's a sign of being human."
"Helping people is -- is just about the hardest job there is."
"The thing about suicide, it's never really a lone act. It tends to leave a lot of victims in it's wake."
"Sometimes we get a win."
"You know, in my experience, there's very little to be gained by looking backwards."
"Even if you can't always trust your brain, in my experience, you're usually pretty safe trusting your heart."
"I guess I realized a long time ago, you choose to see the threat or the opportunity."
"Just because you don't like the decision she's making doesn't mean she's incapable of making it."
""Pretty nutty?" Is that a clinical term?"
"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you."
"Maybe some secrets you just don't get to keep."

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