Happiest Accident (Emily Bett Rickards) #19

Emily Bett Rickards
{ July 24, 1991 }
• • •

shining distraction
holding my heart
unbreakable clarity
dancing in the rain
fire for a heart
Clarissa Fray
green eyes sparkles
falling slowly

credit: jetgirl78

• • •

future titles;
"I'm kinda awkward, silly and dorky."
"I do need to know more about her backstory"
"Emily is one of the most exemplary humans I’ve ever met in my life. She’s just so awesome. There’s nothing not to love about her; she’s just a wonderful human being." - Echo Kellum
“My favorite scenes on Arrow were with Emily. I loved working with her. She’s just a sunshine of a person.“ - Summer Glau
"She is such a fun person to work with and she’s so down to earth and real and I will always love working with her" - Echo Kellum
"Emily [Bett Rickards] is the bomb. She brings such a great color to the show." Josh Segara
"She’s like a unicorn. She has all these amazing qualities that you would think could not exist in one person and she has them in spades. "
"She could handcuff me to a chair and leave there me and I probably would forgive her because she's the sweetest" Nolan Gerard Funk
She's an adorable, goofy unicorn
"Felicity proves you don’t need superpowers to save the world"
"She is the embodiment of an empowered woman"
"We just love all the little things Emily brings to one of our favorite female characters in the Arrowverse."
Goofy, badass and beautiful


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Happiest Accident (Emily Bett Rickards) #19
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