Dance President {Chungha} #2 ~ "I'm someone who, at that moment, already thinks about what I should do in the next album."

f a n s

my turn to cry

f a c t s

Stage Name: Chungha (청하)
Real Name: Kim Chan Mi (김찬미)
Nicknames: Fancam Goddess, President of Dance, Alcoholic
Birthday: February 9, 1996
Roles: Former member of I.O.I and now is a soloist.

d i s c o g r a p h y

m u s i c_v i d e o s

Why Don't You Know
Why Don't You Know (Performance)
Roller Coaster
Roller Coaster (Performance)
Love U
Love U (Performance)
벌써 12시(Gotta Go)


p r e v i o u s_t h r e a d s

01 x 02 x 03 x 04 x 05

Dance President {Chungha} #2 ~
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